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How We Can Help You with Tax and Accounting Needs

At Logan, Bowyer & McCullough, P.A., we are experienced in tax preparation, business setup, guiding international taxpayers, and more. We provide business consulting on business setup and entity selection, and design of the accounting process. Our professional team is trained in QuickBooks and can train your staff or answer your questions. Let us help guide you through any process. Contact us today!

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We are proud to provide services including:

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Business Setup:
We can help set up your company, steer you through entity selection, and assist you with other required registrations. 

Financial Statements: 
From audits and reviews to compilations we can provide the financial statements you need

Income Taxes:
With over 50 years of combined experience, we can prepare your income tax returns, advise you of the tax aspects of transactions you are planning, and prepare tax projections.

Business Consulting:
We are available for interim CFO services, advice on day-to-day operating issues including employee compensation and benefits, and consult with you on business succession planning.

We can help with implementation, training, support, and general ledger clean up in QuickBooks.

Retirement Planning: 
We can discuss the various retirement plans available and help you decide which is best for you.  And we will monitor your compliance with plan terms as we prepare your annual tax returns.

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Trusts & Estates

Trusts come in all shapes and sizes: grantor, charitable, special needs, revocable, irrevocable, testamentary, and so on. We have the specialized knowledge to help you administer an estate, keep you in compliance with trust terms, make beneficiary allocations, and prepare income tax returns.

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International Taxpayers

If you own US real estate you will have a US tax filing obligation: 

  • If you rent the property you have to file an annual US tax return and you may have a sales tax and tourist tax filing responsibility.
  • If you sell your property you may have a tax withholding responsibility
  • And if you die with US property in your estate you will have an estate tax filing responsibility

We work directly with foreign persons; and with their real estate agents, title companies, and attorneys to advise and help you navigate these situations.

Logan, Bowyer, & McCullough PA


Income Taxes
It goes without saying that our team can prepare your federal and state income tax returns. But we can also help you find all available deductions, prepare tax projections for large financial transactions like property sales and inheritances.

Retirement & Estate Planning
We are available to consult with you, your financial planner, and estate planning attorney on all matters related to your retirement and estate plan.

IRS Representation:
Problems with the IRS? We can review your options with you, file past due tax returns, and help you navigate the IRS Collections process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you prepare individual tax returns?

Absolutely! We do prepare individual tax returns.

Do you provide bookkeeping and payroll services?

We do not provide bookkeeping and payroll services as a stand-alone service. We assist our business clients with their bookkeeping questions, QB training, and quarterly payroll reporting.

Do you offer free consultations?

Unfortunately, no, we do not offer free consultations. We find that most consultations include providing tax and business advice so we do charge a $125 fee for a one-hour consultation.

Can you help me set up my new business?

Yes, we help people set up their new businesses. We can assist with the state filing, tax ID application, and various tax registrations. However, in some situations we will advise you to use an attorney.

Do you prepare trust tax returns?

Yes, we prepare trust tax returns. Trusts can be complicated and we understand those additional needs to accurately prepare trust tax returns.

Do you know Quickbooks?

Yes, we know Quickbooks. We are knowledgeable on both desktop and online versions of Quickbooks. We have been working with Quickbooks for over 20 years.

Do you have weekend hours?

Yes, but we only do weekend hours by appointment only.

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